Everything starts within

Everything starts within. Make the inner dialogues as beautiful as it can be so it transpires on the outer as beautiful as well. Something I’m learning today. Some wounds are still surfacing… questions like… Am I hard to love?

Why did I experience being with someone who doesn’t last or can’t last? Why do I end up with someone who seems like a prince, who will cherish and adore me, and then will be violent in the end? Then it hit me… they are just mirrors of the inner wounds … like abandonment within. He may express this as rage or violence, and I expressed this as being an enabler.

The emptiness that cannot be filled with any human being, but with the source within. With God’s love within. The moment, you realize that everything starts within, then you’ll realize there’s no one to blame. They are all just teachers to show the shadows to work out in you. A journey to know yourself more. To go back home to the real essence of who you are. I’ve been searching for completion, and realized.

The only way to feel whole, is to look within and ask God, Source, Holy Spirit, Universe, Higher Self, to fill my heart. Because no human can fill this up. Human beings are the most inconsistent creatures in the world. Go within… make it as beautiful as it can be… from there starts the change of a better version of reality. #reflection #openheart #realizationsofisolation

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