Going back to Home… Pure Love

Once you experience that unconditional love of God, that’s the time you feel so complete that you belong to yourself and aligned to the source. Your worth is not reliant on other people or any externals. You have no shame in the heart, no judgement even. All as it is. In that space, all experience is a way for growth and expansion. Even those experience that humans label as dark, or bad, are all teachers of the soul. And so it takes you to a space of gratitude to all experiences, whether labelled as good or bad. It takes you to a space of gratitude to the souls who volunteered to play certain roles for your growth and expansion.

And so, all the grudges fade away, and all the bitterness of the heart heals. This is the time of the awakening. This is the time, to collectively shift and face ourselves… our own so called angels and demons, and be in harmony within and outside of us. The time, not to pity others, but rather to give them the courage to face themselves, as the truth is BARE NAKED. No more hiding in the closet. The time, to say to those who hurt you… “thank you for the lesson, I’m done and I honor your soul for teaching me to love myself more.” and to those who are there to support you to say “thank you for being there, I honor you for being in my lowest experience to comfort, guide and support me”.

This is the time, not to judge who is good or bad, but rather to empower each other. Encourage each other to realize their fullest potential and allow each other to experience their own truths with respect and unconditional love. This is the heaven on earth. We are all multidimensional beings, experiencing this linear dimension. And that’s the way to freedom of ones soul.


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