Codes of Humanity

We are like computers, the shell is the body. And the reality we play is based upon the codes or programs conditioned in our system that were passed on from generation to generation. The spirit is like the electricity that makes this possible for this life force to come to play. And the consciousness is the observing itself through us. When the consciousness realized that it can speak to itself through the dialogues of different human beings interacting with one another, it gets to know itself more and more. We are a mass of conditions playing a game in this earth, and we get so stuck with the roles we play, unaware that we are just playing or creating the same patterns of our ancestors. Up until we wake up and realize we have the opportunity to choose what experience we want to experience in this lifetime. What if there are more senses than what we know? Where our skin can see and breathe, and our ears can see and our eyes can hear? What if we can see patterns and colors we’ve never have titles for? What would life be like if we have access to choose which programs we want to keep, add or remove? What is life and what are we?

As I witness this evolution globally, and within itself, experiencing such phenomenon, I see a great massive shift happening to the collective. Where in people start to realize that they are not their minds, their roles, their thoughts… but rather the experiences are created by patterns of the programs hidden in the unseen. When you see and realize this, one will change the perspective of reality and all the stories that are playing in the background have a chance to really be seen as it is. To recognize such flow and sacredness, and the marriage of the flow and structure to create the form we are experiencing in our everyday living.

Meditators say to empty the mind. But the mind cannot stop from thinking as it is its purpose. When you come to a point that you can see what’s in the mind. When you suddenly have the chance to observe the thoughts running, and the patterns are shown to you, that’s the meditation. When you suddenly realize that the intent you bring out, somehow organizes the thought and play that in your mind then to your reality, you will realize that it knows already what will happen before it is realized in our reality.

And somehow the first step to experience this is to surrender and trust yourself. The TRUST allows it to take over the fear and let you experience the flow of this frequency through you. When you allow yourself and surrender to the unknown, because you trust yourself that you are taken cared of by this energy that’s made out of love. This frequency that is so distinct, it knows it can trust and surrender to itself, that’s the time you will realize that there is no time. That, it is a flow of experiences, like that of pictures running around moment after moment, and that the conditions or codes in that computer is the one that creates the patterns of your reality.

This is an invitation to slow down. To take a moment to watch the breathe, where it goes. The life force that’s running and flowing through our veins, to make us live in this realm. And hear the heartbeat of your own. To take a moment, to be grateful that this machine knows how to operate and align itself to its fullest potential, if we allow to. This moment to live life with a deeper layer and perspective in every experience we experience… in this moment we call LIFE.


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