Self Mastery is about…

The journey of each energy is distinct to each person. There is no one path. Everything is divinely orchestrated. That’s why self-mastery means to know thyself fully. This era is not already about a master or a guru holding the space. It is about taking responsibility and being aware that we are all able and responsible for our own growth and expansion. And the only way to do that is to work within. One path may not work for another, and vice versa. It’s about trusting the Self. And acknowledging that each and every person in your life is a mirror of what’s within. So with that idea, there is no one master or leader of the space. All are taking responsibility for what they bring into the space and what they want to co-create with other energies… If there is oneness, there is cooperation and collaboration. The trust and guidance are coming from within.

There is a pyramid of role-playing that there is a healer, someone sick, and the disease. If the idea is that there is a healer or savior, then there should be someone playing the role of victim or someone sick, and a villain or disease. If you come to the space, and you bring in the energy that you are the one healing another person, it’s actually co-creating again and igniting more the causation of the disease. but if you come to the space, and with the knowledge that everyone is perfect and whole in the eyes of God, then there is no need for a savior, no need for victim role. And so the people around that energy naturally go back to its natural state of wellness. The illusions are gone. And so in that space, you co-create with different energies towards harmony and cooperation, towards the truest nature of the soul which is the light within all of us.

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