The Call to Total Transformation

Yesterday someone visited me asking for help… they don’t know what happened to me… and it hit me… They witnessed their parents how the father beat up their mother. And twenty eight years until now they still have trauma about these circumstances. They still feel deep wound, I had to take a moment to realize…really the impact of abuse and violence to the children who are witnessing it. Even if it was years ago, the trauma, is still there.

My yearning to really heal the wounds of the heart and become whole is more stronger and desire for peace in homes. We did a ritual to cleanse and heal, and I know this is just the start, and it has to be continuous integration. Just like any other plant ceremonies, it doesn’t end there… it’s just the beginning. The insights and realizing your truths has to be nurtured and integrated for total transformation to be seen and experienced. It has to be up until all the layers are shed, and until one connects to its true essence. What happens in the unit, is also a smaller scenario in what’s happening in the macro cosm.

When the seeds of fear and greed, manipulation and control are the ones nurtured, chaos and destruction of the whole is experienced. I know those people here have somehow realized already that we are in a dream… in a matrix. That we are co creating with a divine energy that is impersonal and personal, through our beliefs vibrations and thoughts. How about we all tune in altogether for a world of peace and harmony? What if we nurture the highest frequencies in our realities as a collective? Now is the invitation to come together and set aside our egos… and embody the light we all came here for. We have been acting as separated as a species. Now is the time, to harmonize and plugin to the source within.

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