Blessing the parts where light was denied

The world is waking up to greater perspective of consciousness. The society is waking up to that paradigm that we are part of this creative source of energy that created the whole universe. And cleaning up your own vibrational field is the only way to get into this beautiful and exciting realities that is already rooted in divine love, joy and peace.

Everything within us, in the core is pure consciousness that is rooted in love. Everything that is not of love, or disconnected versions of reality is crumbling right infront of our eyes. This is the era of the light, where everything hidden is going to be shown. Not necessarily to put fear, but to actually choose to create realities now based on our heart space.

The only way to create and perpetuate the realities of love is to embody wholeness. A state where you feel whole and complete inside, full of joy and genuine connection with everything and everyone. In that state, there is a sense of compassion and knowing that the soul is in the journey of self discovery.

It is not our job to fix others, but rather be the love and compassion energy for all. Think of each and everyone like a fruit in the tree. Some are already ripe and matured in this level of consciousness, and some are just in the process of metamorphosis.

There is a complete appreciation and beauty for each expression because you know everyone is in a journey to maturity. In this perspective, we have this knowing in the core, there is love. And through your expression and vibration, they can feel the love they have been longing for. A source of inspiration rather than a source of fear and distress.

This is the time to unite and go within. Have courage to bless every part of yourself where light was once denied.

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