Choosing realities in higher timelines

Let me share a story with you.

At a time when Covid happened, I was already practicing quantum reiki. In that process, I would practice bringing myself to a state of love frequency. It is a state of inner freedom, and profound joy. I am immersing as much as I can in that presence of divine infinite. I felt of asking the question, what would an inner freedom feel like… and then the word “Palawan” came to my awareness. So as to my teacher that time. We’ve decided to see the possibilities of flying there.

It’s one of the virgin island, most pristine islands in the Philippines. That time, no one can enter Palawan, however, because I chose to operate in higher frequency timelines, the collective reality did not hinder me from going there together with four other individuals practicing the same frequency. We flew there with ease and grace, and instead of staying there for just two weeks, I stayed there for two years. Living a vacation life everyday, and meeting more conscious beings in the island.

When the world was in chaos, I was in a very different reality. This is all possible when you follow your own intuition and inner guidance of the heart working as one with the divine in you. When you trust and practice using your words to create worlds, it will really create the reality you are vibrationally matched with.

Our past experiences are just guidelines of what we prefer to experience next.

Intention + Vibration (Frequency) = Experience

The art of allowing is the knowing that the universe has your full support in experiencing the joy and love that you want. You just have to trust and allow this to come forth and believe that the universe has always your back.

We are all love, lovers and beloveds. We are light, and we can create this time with the awareness that we are all love 🙂 Much love to you all

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