Our True Essence. Wake up Child

We are the love and this energy field that cocreates with us… is avaialble to all of us. This energy creates so much beauty, diverse and magnificent creations. We all had amnesia. And have been conditioned with so much fear. It is time to wake up to our true essence. We are light beings. The other field is yes needed to have this experience in this dimension, but it is for our advantage. It is for us to see and remember our light, our true manifestations are all about harmony, growth, expansion, peace, love and abundance. The lies are about lack and fear. There is nothing to fear, only absence of love is fear. That is why, the love that is available to us is just infront of us, within us, around us.

It is time to wake up dear child to the truth of what you are. You are a light of this life force. Embrace your sovereignity with much appreciation that you already know what you are made of. Embrace it and give honor by being and embodying this pristine energy through the works of your body, mind and soul. You are a part of a collective energy waking up, transcending to the purest form in this time space. Be grateful, honored that you have this knowing.

Embody this light and you will experience the magnificence far greater than you ever imagine. And with so much gratitude, open your heart and shine your bright light. Have so much compassion to those who are still asleep. Reach out to them without judgement, but just with tender love. Hold their hands, and just be with them in their walk. No need to be frustrated my dear child. We are all going to undergo this purification of this deep remembering. Take time to remember your power, and that power is all around you. Have the knowing that even the rocks have life. Even the simplest form is alive in you and outside of you.

You are a divine being, having a human form. Embodying this light, and holding space to your fellow beings. Encompassing the understanding of this limited mind to survive. With the primal mind to which all it thinks of is survival, you have passed through that. You are not your mind, your body or your emotions. You are pure energy just in a blimp of time that’s denser than what you have experienced. You think this is long time, but time is just an illusion so you can experience each and every moment of the NOW.

So dear child, enjoy each moment. Bring that joy in each moment you experience. Choose joy in its fullest essence and vibrate that energy of joy in all you do. Celebrate life to the fullest in all its mundane activities. Give thanks, and with so much joy in all you do, that’s the way to heaven on earth.

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