Collective Call to Heal and become Authentic

The shame and guilt are the ones that cause so much destruction. That’s why it is called mortal sin… sin means missing the mark.. or shame says “I AM wrong” ” I AM bad” so shame causes the person to subconsciously more hide and not face it. Admission is first part of healing. Admission is saying yes, i did this… and then because the fear of being judged afterwards. So much shaming culture that’s why we cannot heal as a whole.

Narcissism is not good or bad, it becomes harmful when one feels full of himself but there is also absence of profound love. the unconditional love, is the wisdom that you are complete and whole within you, and you are not affected by criticism or even affirmation. and the knowing that all is you, and you love yourself, so you will also be pleasant to others.

There is a study, the longevity, those people who live 100 years old and above and are healthy, have a common trait. Their diets are different, but they have certain traits. One of that is a healthy narcissism. They love themselves, and they see beauty and love for others as well. They have healthy boundaries too. Ironically, those who are obedient or subservient are those who are likely to have cancer. It is when you become inauthentic to yourself and so your cells also do the same, they mutate.

Having said that, this is the era where we co-create with elements wind fire water and air… and another key ingredient, is the frequency of love. Because if a human creates, with just the elements, yes the realities will be experienced, however, it can cause unpleasant experience to others and himself. To bring heaven on earth, the wisdom on love has to be added to the ingredients. And to be that… the wounds have to be healed, and be added with life force called love.

That’s what happened to most spiritual holders, when you gain so much wisdom on how to manipulate energy, but love is absent, then the tendency to abuse and exploit causes so much damage to the Oneness. Especially when a person has not fully integrated herself, then when the dens energies trigger them, the tendency to create experiences that are unpleasant is also greater in impact. And now is the time to add the ingredient LOVE in all we do. Love is divine wisdom. The understanding that we are sovereign beings, all co-creators and have the power to manifest in this realm, and so when there is love in the ingredient of co-creation, there will be not experience so much damage to ourselves, to others and to the cosmos. All the shame and guilt will be washed off, and all the arrogance too because there is already absence of fear.

And so i see a certain steps:

1. Heal the wounds to become whole – Forgiveness with the self and others. It means releasing those dens energies to become a clear channel of the light. have a space without judgement and at the same time, a structured steps too like a rehab for those who are ready for healing. Integration means there are also someone they can talk to who wont judge them at the same time, have the value and power not to be involved with them. Expressing it is already a form of healing. And then process it. Have a daily practice to release and like a life coach or a therapist they can express their insights and all.

2. Create a life Vision – This is a great tool to know themself, and experience what they wish to experience in this lifetime.

3. Healthy habit forming tools – Humans are habitual beings. If we can create some form of daily practices to help each other cultivate certain habits that will help them have better life and choices to have well being.

4. Healthy culture – a culture of loving non judgmental individuals to uplift and empower each other. the knowing that we are all Gods… that no one is better than the other…we are all in a journey together. The understanding that we are also connected to nature and cosmos. and so we extend that much care and love to nature on how we live.

5. Take care of nature and creation – I believe we are here to take care of mother earth as an exchange of how much she holds space for us as collective. And continuously understand our nature too as human beings.

6. Cultivation of gifts and power management– I believe all of us have these specific unique gifts we can cultivate and offer to the cosmos. We do that for ourselves and other people. And with the knowing and understanding that cultivation of gifts entails certain level of integrity, responsibility and balance. It has to be done with the ingredient of love still as the main to avoid exploitation and abuse of power. The power of love and not the love for power. I feel this is the era or time for those actions. the collective is ripe enough to have that understanding that we are perfect in the eyes of this profound Love… or God. The divine intelligence that heals is a profound love, and that all things are made out of. we are that. we just had amnesia and we forgot our true nature. Once you understand that we all are that.. Yes Love IS WISDOM. Because if one has the wisdom that

1. we are made of that love,

2. we created or manifest reality with this divine intelligence then all of us will realize that we are meant to experience pleasantness or heaven on earth. That our bodies are the temple so we take care of the body, we are everything so we also take care of the nature and cosmos, we are Love… and fear is the absence of it. When there is absence of love in creating reality, that’s when humans tend to create destruction, damage to herself and others. Our realities are manifestations of whats within us. The triggers we have are just signals that something in us is not aligned to the truth which is love. In this space, there is an understanding that all triggers are not a source of blaming, but an invitation to go within and align to what you want to experience instead. Yes everything is frequency and vibration. Now is the time to choose the frequency of love in creating this reality together. We are done dancing with dens energies that have destroyed us. And acknowledge and learn our true nature.

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