The Open-Heart

The heart that is open is very powerful. This is something that was hidden to us for eons. We didn’t know that when our hearts are open, we can move mountains and create miracles in love. The heart that is open feels everything and everyone. That is why when a person’s heart is open, it cannot hurt itself or others, because it can feel everything. It understands pain of others as well. Those who can hurt others, their hearts have sutures, that’s why they can be capable to harm without feeling the pain. Forgiving them for they don’t know what they are doing. The creative force that creates all universes and worlds. We were told not to value ourselves, and love ourselves, we were conditioned to fear. Our hearts are sutured, to close it, and so we go in this world living disconnected and separated from others and ourselves. When it becomes open, it allows the fullest potentiality of your own power to create in love. Be that love, we are that love. When our hearts are open, we are in a state of freedom.


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