Honor Respect and Gratitude

Give honor, respect and thanks to all beings and experiences. We are all made out of pure love. Because our God, the creator His nature is unconditional love.

This duality that we see, of polarity of both positive and negative, in this dimension is here to help us grow and evolve. The challenges that we face, are not problems to make us feel like victims, but a call to rise up out of pure love that we all are. To help us remember of our real essence.

Give thanks to all experiences, whether we call it good or bad. We have just forgotten, that these are all essential ingredients on our path here on earth. If we don’t break the destructive patterns, it will just show and be present in our reality as a bigger challenge. Up until we get the lesson to break the cycle. Unconditional love is all about acceptance, It’s all about appreciating, respecting and honoring all that is. And from this frequency, reveals the power that’s hidden inside all of us. #reflection #ahamoment #divineencounter #purelove

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