Time To Wake Up

How much chaos do we need to wake up? This is the time go within. This pandemic is a chance for all of us, to look within and honestly reflect on our decisions in life. Humanity has destroyed mother nature and its own kind (the mind has been psychotic attacking its own specie for eons) with its choices in the past, and now is the time to rethink and reconsider all our actions moving forward.

This is the time to cleanse, and shed all the layers of illusion, all lies, and really do the work to check ourselves whether we are part of the problem or the solution. In our own simple ways, how do we take care of ourselves? Of other people? and of our planet? There is an unseen force, trying to steal our peace. Remember that we have a God bigger than all of this, and that we have to cleanse ourselves and connect to that highest vibration which is love. This unconditional love of God when connected to this divine presence makes you feel so complete and whole… you will be lead to respect and love all of His creation.

This is the time to decide to be cold or hot… cannot be in the middle anymore. Choose and dedicate, commit all your thoughts, actions and everything to the highest good. Many can’t handle the voices inside their heads now, that in this dimension, they act and look crazy, depressed or sometimes suicidal. We all have to be strong, the flesh cannot handle this we need to be strong in spirit. We have got to pray and connect more to the Holy Spirit so we can handle whats happening now and in the coming days to come. Much peace and love to all of us!

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