Rewriting the Story Within

Everything in life is a vibrational representation of what’s within us. First, is the story we keep telling to ourself and other people… and how we give meaning to an experience, is a vibrational representation of the archetypal

roles we consciously or unconsciously choose to play. As humans, we have the gift of freewill. One big aha moment to me, is that even the type of relationships we have… or the situations we experience, is a direct representation of the state of being within us. If within us, we vibrate an archetype of a victim, then you will attract stories that you become the victim. It’s playing the role of a victim, abuser or a savior.

Those roles have to be played in a certain story. If we are more aware of this, then we have the choosing to step out of the roles we don’t want to play anymore, and consciously rewrite the stories we tell to ourselves. When I realized this truth, I had to first embrace that I am responsible for the stories inside of me, and how I responded to certain situations, the energy I’m vibrating and interpretations of the experience presented to me. It’s the most liberating knowing that we have the choice, and if we still want to play a certain role, in this game of life, it is our own choosing to do so.

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